September 25 2012 Tuesday at 12:40 PM

Lanyard Elegance Unveil!

Lanyard Elegance will have its unveiling on October 13, 2012 in the San Diego CA community of Eastlake. 

What is Lanyard Elegance?  It’s a creative line of beaded lanyards hand crafted by designer, Silvia Casillas-Houseman.  Lanyards are ID badge holders that Silvia and I have worn our entire career. For those of you that wear ID badge lanyards all day, you know the feeling of putting on something that is unattractive that sets a negative tone for your day.  So why not make your dull lanyard a beautiful piece of jewelry!  Well, Lanyard Elegance has done just that, come see our line of jewelry.

The Eastlake Craft Fair is a Spring and Fall event held around the lake of the community.  It’s one of my favorite craft fairs in San Diego.  The community comes together and neighbors set up booths with all their creative homemade designs and best of all homemade savory and baked goods. 

Silvia and I will set up a jewelry booth for the first time at the Eastlake Craft Fair and we are excited about showing off the wonderful line of beaded, crystal lanyards that we have to offer. What better place to unveil our beautiful line of jewelry lanyards than our own neighborhood!  We will be posting pictures of our booth and the event on the blog and on Facebook at, shortly after the event. 

We invite you to come join us! 

Eastlake Craft Fair 

October 13, 2012

Hours 10am - 3pm

Eastlake Drive, Chula Vista CA 91913

Click the Map for Directions! 

East Lake Craft Fair


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