October 18 2012 Thursday at 07:33 PM

Break-Away Designer Lanyards

We have Break-Away Lanyards.

Yes, all our jewelry lanyard line is now available in our Break-Away design! We use a magnetic clasp at the neckline for users that require their lanyard to break-away from their neckline if it gets caught on an item.  Our break-away has been tested for sturdiness and it'a met the challenge.  You can wear it comfortable all day without it falling off from a sensitive tug but if you do catch it on an item it will break apart from you and keep you safe in our work environment. 

We've had many requests for our designer jewelry lanyards in break-away chain, it's available now as an option on each of our products. Simply add your break-away request in the comment box at the Shopping Cart and we'll design any lanyard using our very strong break-away magnet.

Our designer, Silvia Casillas-Houseman has been busy scouring the bead stores and websites for a very sturdy break-away fixture to use on all of our lanyards and she's found success. We've been testing it ourselves to assure our shoppers that it's a sturdy and durable and it's holding up perfectly!

We're very confident now that we can offer our Break-Away design as an option to our shoppers with guaranteed approval. Who says a fancy jewelry lanyard can't be practical as well?!

Kudos to our designer for her great find!

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