October 26 2012 Friday at 11:22 AM

New Lanyard Design

Jewelry Lanyard badge holders

There's a new Contemporary look coming to our site soon.  Silvia has created a jewelry lanyard with a sleek design and you're going to love it.  They have a sleek and distivctive look.  The chocolate brown Czech crystal jewelry piece with green seed beads is sure to be a hit.  Take a look at the new color line in this collection of lanyards.  There's also a new purple one added because of purple popularity. 

Copper is Silvia's new favorite seed bead and the lanyards she's created in this line are combined perfectly with each bead, bead cap and findings.  The new contemporary look adds a unique touch to our Lanyard Elegance line.

Update - They have arrived, look for them in our store.

Jewelry Lanyard in Chocolate

Swarovski Crystal Lanyard

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