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Can't Decide which Lanyard to Order?

Jewelry Lanyards for the professional woman

Are you browsing at all the beaded jewelry lanyard line created by Lanyard Elegance and having a difficult time deciding which one to purchase?  Let me help you think about your lanyard a little differently....

Once you purchase a jewelry lanyard by Lanyard Elegance you'll realize that it's now a new wardrobe accessory.  It's no longer the ID lanyard that you've been wearing. If you work in an office, chances are you'll be there a very long time and you'll be wearing one every single day for that very long time. Silvia and I know, it's our world and it's been our world for a very long lanyard wearing career.  We wore an ID badge holder for years and didn't realize that beautiful beaded jewelry could bring such joy!

Once Silvia Casillas-Houseman created her fancy lanyards, women at work welcomed their beauty and word spread quickly that Silvia was selling her creation.  At our place of employment she was selling them for $40.00 each. I bought several and I special ordered mine from Silvia each time.  Every one fell in love with them and came back for another purchase. We have many friends that have purchased two or three of them and many friends that place special orders for customized lanyards.  Once your buy one beautiful piece of jewelry from us you will want more and we have them in all colors and beads.  They will become your next accessory necessity.

Lanyard Elegance lanyards are beatofi; amd durable and last a very long time; your investment become pennies a day  for your purchase.  

Lanyard Elegance promises to not disappoint your expectations. If you are having a difficult time deciding on purchasing one maybe you're not thinking of it as the beautiful jewelry accessory that you'll fall in love with and wear every single day.  We guarantee satisfaction.

When you contact Lanyard Elegance, you speak to Silvia Casillas-Houseman or Suzie Esqueda directly. 



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