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Our Pretty Jewelry Packaging

Lanyards by Lanyard Elegance

When Silvia and I discussed our packaging, we had a firm commitment to shipping our product in something just as beautiful as the jewelry  you purchased. We were also determined to use a special packaging that was a recyclable item. 

When you receive your purchase, you will also have a beautiful jewelry pouch that you can use for storing your lanyard or other jewelry, you can use it for a travel jewelry pouch or you can re-gift with it. It’s a gift with purchase from us. You’ll love being able to store your lanyard in this very pretty jewelry pouch and you’ll appreciate having something nice for any other jewelry you store.

We feel our packaging shows how proud we are of our beautiful beaded jewelry line and how special your new fancy lanyard will make you feel.  Beautiful jewelry deserves to be treated delicately and our pouch will help all you to be delicate with your lanyard.

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