November 06 2012 Tuesday at 06:08 PM

Lanyard Bead Size Chart

Are you puzzled with the size of the 8mm, 10mm and 12mm beads actual size?  It can be confusing to select a product online without knowing the exact size of the jewelry on a lanyard.  Here's a chart to help you with your selection and a comparison to every day items that will help you understand the size of each bead.

8mm is the size of most of our beads, it's not for those of you that like larger jewelry.  8mm is just a tiny bit larger than the size of a number 2 pencil eraser head.

10mm is the size of a round red Advil.  It's my favorite size, I like smaller jewelry but not tiny; I like my jewelry to make a statement and not hide and get buried in my outfit.

12mm is the size of a golf tee - you know those annoying sticks you find laying around the house if you have a husband that plays golf, take a look at the top of one of those, that's what 12mm looks like.

16mm is the size of a dime - I don't think we've used 16mm on any of our jewelry but we custom design anything you order so if large jewelry is what you desire; let us know and we'll find beautiful large beads for your custom design.

We hope this helps you in your lanyard jewelry selection. 

Thank you

Silvia and Suzie

Lanyard Beads


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