November 15 2012 Thursday at 03:16 PM

Custom Lanyards by Lanyard Elegance

We have Break-Away Lanyards. Yes, all our jewelry lanyard line is now available in our Break-Away design!

We've had many requests for our designer jewelry lanyards in break-away chain, it's available now as an option on each of our products.

Our designer, Silvia Casillas-Houseman has been busy scouring the bead stores and websites for a very sturdy break-away fixture to use on all of our lanyards and she's found success. We've been testing it ourselves to assure our shoppers that it's a sturdy and durable and it's holding up perfectly!

We're very confident now that we can offer our Break-Away design as an option to our shoppers with guaranteed approval. Who says a fancy jewelry lanyard can't be practical as well?!

Kudos to our designer for her great find!

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Silvia and Suzie


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