December 01 2012 Saturday at 08:47 AM

Crystal Lanyards Breast Cancer

Since we started our business on 10/11/12, we have been discussing a special Breast Cancer Awareness lanyard, but with so much to do when you start a new business the timing to really sit down and design one was difficult and we didn't want to rush on this one. This month almost to the exact one month anniversay of starting our business Silvia and I sat down and gave it the special attention it deserves and Silvia has come up with a beautiful lanyard for our store. We have posted pictures on our Facebook page of her in her creative zone.

Take a look at how beautiful this design is and how much love and detail Silvia has poured into creating it. It took several versions to make it as beautiful and special as it deserves to be; she took it apart several times in order to get it just right. We think you'll love this lanyard and find it as special as we do. It's a perfect gift for that person you know that has suffered through the bravery of Breast Cancer survival or the bravery of losing a loved one to this horrible disease.

Lanyard Elegance will be donating 5% of all proceeds of the Breast Cancer Awareness lanyard to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Please help us raise funds to fight this wide spread disease.

Thank you

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