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Jewelry Lanyards to Wear with Comfort

Lanyards with Chain

Lanyard Elegance offers beautiful and unique lanyards for you to wear with the best of your outfits.  Our lanyards are not the typical beaded lanyard that pulls your hair around your neckline or falls apart if you tug at them harshly. 

At Lanyard Elegance, Silvia and I personally make each of our lanyards.  We hand craft each lanyard using the finest Czech and Swarovski crystals in each design.  Each lanyard is crimped eight times for durability.  Our lanyards are all 32” to 33” long will support heavy weight and will not break if you catch them on an item.  The Rolo chain was chosen for comfort; it does not pull or tug on your hair and you won’t feel the discomfort that you feel when you wear a lanyard with beads around your neck. They are each quality tested by Silvia and Suzie and will last a very long time.  For just pennies a day, you will have a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear every day. 

Our lanyards are not made in China; they are quality jewelry made in the United States (San Diego, CA) by us and we guarantee each one. 

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