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Jewelry Lanyards at Lanyard Elegance

Jewelry Lanyards

The lanyards designed by our designer, Silvia Casillas Houseman have been through many tests and by trial and error she has created the perfect piece of jewelry that is beautiful and sturdy. Silvia made sure to test each design and perfected the jewelry pices that she used as well as the chain and the crimps. She changed different components in each one and tested her them for strength. She's even particular about the seed beads she purchases for our lanyards. I truly believe I was her toughest client. She made several lanyard versions until I finally stopped catching mine on my desk and kept her last model intact.

Most users purchase the standard company black nylon lanyard. Silvia knew that women wanted something with jewelry on their lanyard and they wanted some splash and sparkle to wear. Our product is special, sturdy, fun and fancy as well. They are comfortable, they don't have uncomfortable beads at the neckline or beads tugging at your hair. we promise you a piece of jewelry to wear with ease and beauty.

Each one is made with Swarovski crystals or Czech crystals.

Each one is crimped 8 times with a triple twisted jewelry crimps.

Each one has comfortable rolo chain.

Each one can be purchased in our lanyard break-away design.

Our Lanyards promise to be beautiful and have you wanting another and another!

Shop with us, Lanyard Elegance promises you jewelry you'll fall in love with!


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