December 17 2012 Monday at 05:53 AM

Crystal Lanyards are a Perfect Gift

crystal lanyards

The unique collection of crystal lanyards that we design is our own. Many are a one of a kind lanyard. Silvia and I get inspired and a lanyard is created, sometimes without too much thought about how much product we have to produce it in volume. It's a very unique process without too much planning or overthinking, an inspiration hits and we just let it flow. Silvia has been making jewelry for over 10 years; I'm the novice but together we get more inspiration to create different designs. 

It's time to think differently about lanyards, they are a new fashion statement and Lanyard Elegance has the most unique jewelry designs in lanyards.  Shop our store and buy one as your next gift to someone that uses a lanyard.  They'll be ecstatic to wear Lanyard Elegance and give up that ugly nylon lanyard they've been wearing for years.

Click on Lanyards above or the picture to shop our store.  We have a style to please everyone!

Thank you

Lanyard Elegance

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