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Crystal Lanyard Satisfaction

Swarovski Crystal Lanyards

At Lanyard Elegance we pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction. We have many repeat customers that love their jewelry designed lanyards and have purchased several different styles and colors. When you order from Lanyard Elegance you receive your product promptly and have direct access to us. Once you wear our products, you will never go back to your old black nylon lanyard.
We've learned so much from our customer feedback, did you know that lanyards are great for carrying your glasses or keys, for your Casino card or cruise ship card?  One customer told us she likes to use her lanyard when she crafts and she hangs her small scissors on it. 
A very special and favorite store - One of our customer contacted us to let us know that she bought a "beautiful" lanyard for her mother, who is aging.  Her mother lives alone and she takes short walks, she also frequently takes her mom out to shop but lately she's been been afraid of having her mom wander off and get lost.  She decided to buy her a jewerly lanyard (that her mom loved, by the way) and she place a copy of her mom's identification card in it with her emergency contact information, then she instructed her mother to wear it when she goes out on any outing. When she contacted us she wanted to ler us know that she has so much peace now that she knows her mother will be safe throughout her day.  She told her mother to leave it in a visible place at home when she's not wearing it in case something happens and someone needs her contact information while the daughter is at work.  What a great idea!  Of course, when I told Silvia Casillas-Houseman the story, her little designer brain got to thinking and now she's on the hunt for an identification charm that we can provide our customers in our store. 

Lanyard Elegance strives to make sure all customers are happy but it's our customers that have taught us even more uses for our product.       

Our customers tell us the durability and value they receive from Lanyard Elegance exceeds their purchase expectations. Yes, our products are beautiful but they are also functional and last a very long time; your investment become pennies a day per lanyard.

Take a look at our many designs and view Lanyards in our store.

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Swarovski Crystal Lanyards

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