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Crystal Lanyards by Lanyard Elegance

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What is it about Crystals that catch our attention?  Is it that they are our version of diamonds? 

Crystals have long been celebrated for their beauty and luster. The elaborate, cut crystal chandeliers that adorn many fine homes attest to that. We celebrate crystals for their beauty; some, such as the diamond, are prized for their rarity as well. There are those who argue that the beauty of crystals would be diminished if they were as common as sand on a beach. A portion of the beauty comes from the symmetry formed by their reflective nature. 

Crystals are also prized for their healing properties within alternative medicine. What do they have in common with most precious gems, including diamonds? They emit essentially the same energy field. All can be programmed and empowered to help you. Whether you wear crystals in the form of rings or beads strung on one of our lanyards, the benefits can be the same. Keep in mind that some believe that metals inhibit some of the healing and positive properties of crystals; you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not you gain benefits by wearing your crystals as mounted jewels that adorn your body.

At Lanyard Elegance, we understand the healing powers of many of our crystals and gems that we use to design our lanyards.  Take a lootk at our latest creation and you be the judge on the healing benefits after you wear this precious lanyard.

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