February 19 2013 Tuesday at 06:20 AM

Rosary Lanyard from Lanyard Elegance

Searching for Fancy Lanyards?

Our Rosary Lanyard was created from suggestions by our customers.  You've requested a Rosary Lanyard and we've designed one especially for you.  Take a close look at the 5 sets of 10 4mm crystal clear crystals and the silver bicone that separates the beautiful Miyuki seed beads throughout this lanyard.  The beautiful pewter beads in this lanyard has a special cross engraved on it.  We know your day will be special wearing this lanyard close to your heart throughout the day.

All our lanyards have comfortable rolo chain instead of beads to insure comfort around the neckline.  All our lanyards have ur signature large clasp that holds any item.  We crimp all of our lanyards eight times to make sure they are sturdy and we guarantee all our lanyards.

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