March 06 2013 Wednesday at 05:09 AM

Pearl Lanyards for the Professional Woman

Our Lanyards are beautiful jewelry.

At Lanyard Elegance, we design beaded jewelry lanyards for the professional woman.  Every color, every gem every crystal has a significance and an energy benefit.  Our beautiful jewelry lanyards are no different, at we've been able to educate ourselves about the different benefits and power of each gem. 

Here's a little about the benefit from the power of pearl jewelry.

  • Stimulated spiritual transformation
  • Promotes prosperity and success
  • Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty
  • Helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress
  • Amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom
  • Helps balance the solar plexus chakra

Watch our beautiful jewelry lanyard with fresh water pearls on video!


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