March 09 2013 Saturday at 10:08 AM

Lanyards to Dress for Success

Lanyards for the Professional Woman

At Lanyard Elegance, we design beautiful crystal lanyard jewelry for the professional woman. 

You've heard the saying 'Dress for the Job you Want'.

At Lanyard Elegance we know our lanyards are the accessory you need to help you dress for success in your profession. Our lanyards add that extra touch to your professional attire that you need to give more polish to your look. Each lanyard is made with quality Swarovski and Czech Crystals, you won't find lanyards with our custom comfort chain designed to support our sturdy lanyard and not irritate you skin. We've selected the best clasp the easy to attach to your ID card and large enough to hold any item 

It's time to toss that black or blue nylon lanyard and wear something that compliments your professional look every day. Take a look at our store and find you'll never wear that unattractive lanyard again. You be wearing Lanyard Elegance the next time you slip on your ID badge to get ready to step out the door.

Here's our top sellers!

Black Crystal Lanyard

Silver Lanyard

Also, enjoy our video of more....


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